About Us

Pacific Metal Fabrication, Inc., located in Kent, Washington near Seattle, has offered a diverse range of metal products and custom fabrication services for more than 35 years. Providing exceptional one-on-one service to all clients keeps us focused on the details of your job. This attention to client needs has allowed us to provide services to many industries on a wide variety of projects, from one-off jobs to recurring orders for thousands of parts. No matter the size or complexity of your order, it will be delivered accurately, on-time and within budget.

Our product range includes structural steel fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, diamond plate, structural shapes in steel, stainless steel and aluminum, metal stairs and stairways and stair supports, metal handrails and guardrails, metal brackets, metal gussets, metal carts, racks, covers, chutes and hoppers, metal countertops, and both wall-supported and free-standing displays.

Our Seattle area location is housed in a 20,000 square foot production facility with fast access to major trucking, rail, air and sea routes.

Stanfield Acquisition

Pacific Metal Fabrication, Inc. acquired the Stanfield Co. Inc.—maker of patented industrial vibrators—and now offers a full line of industrial vibrators and equipment. From light-duty ball vibrators to the Series 13 hydraulic or pneumatic vibrators for unloading rail cars, we have the right equipment and experience to meet your needs.


 WA State Contractor License # PACIFMF885NS