Vibrating Rail Platforms

vibrating rail plaftorms

Pacific Metal Fabrication Vibrating Rail Platforms loosen packed rail car loads to aid unloading systems. Without stopping the train, rail cars are unloaded as they move over the high-frequency, variable speed, hydraulic vibrating platforms. Every type and size of rail car and rail car unloading system can be fitted with our vibrating rail platforms.

Vibrating the rail car at the specific frequency that will loosen the packed material, the vibrating rail platform allows any material to be disgorged effectively. In cases where the material is frozen or wet, you might have to spot the rail car over the platform to maximize the effect.  An 80 car train with bottom dump rail cars (holding 85 tons of pit run material per car) can be unloaded in an hour and a half.

Cutting your maintenance and operating costs, unloading rail cars with less noise than other systems and being adaptable to virtually any containers, trucks and rail cars makes our vibrating rail platforms the best choice and value on the market.


Isolating the platform from the trestle or other dump platform is essential. Pacific Metal Vibrating Platforms employ 18 2” pins mounted in six isolation boxes welded to the beam’s flange. The vibrator mechanisms are encased and all hydraulic lines are isolated, as well, with hard plumbing utilized everywhere except at the pump and vibrators, where short flex line is used.


Train speed is based on the number of vibrating platforms used, the trestle’s length and the type of rail cars to unload. Test results for a slow-moving train on two and four platform systems showed a doubling of unloading speed when four platforms were used. When dealing with compacted, frozen or otherwise troublesome materials, spotting the car over two platforms might be necessary. Pump units provide hydraulic power to multiple platforms and can also run bin vibrators and hydraulic flow control gates, as well.


  • QUICK: Unload cars in seconds while the train continues moving
  • QUIET: Pacific Metal Vibrating Rail Platforms are the quietest on the market
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Lowers your maintenance and operating costs
  • PERFORMANCE: Vibration frequency is transmitted via the strongest rail car member to increase effectiveness of the discharge
  • LOW IMPACT: Does not damage rail cars, unloading systems, trestles or the platform itself
  • ADAPTABLE: Works with all kinds of rail cars and unloading systems
  • PACKING MATERIALS: Vibrating platforms can also aid packing materials during the loading process and the system can be used for containers, trucks, and rail cars